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Feature yourself on Forbes, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, and other highly-reputable websites with dedicated articles.

The ultimate digital presence

Simple Digital will build or repair your online reputation with an entire article written about you or your business, then feature it on a news site of your choice.

Complete control

Control the narrative before the narrative controls you. Whether you're launching a new division or bringing on a new team member, we'll write a bullet-proof article about it.

Ready for Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is the holy grail of SEO. Once you have 25+ articles about you or your business, you're ready for a dedicated Wikipedia page to guarantee you the first result on Google.


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Details & Pricing

Improve online reputation with a feature article written by Simple Digital

Anonymous Submissions

Every inquiry into this service is kept private and secure, including our conversations regarding your article.

Quality over Quantity

Just one article on our list of publishers can greatly increase your SEO and reputation ranking across the web.

Quick and Diligent

Simple Digital doesn't write these overnight. We take time (usually 30 days or less) to write well-written articles.

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3 weeks

is the average time it takes to write an article

2 in 5

reputation management clients has Simple Digital write two or more articles a month


in total for our clients in the past two years using our reputation service

1st page

negative results were pushed to the 2nd and 3rd page of Google