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Simple Digital manages the day-to-day online store, tracks and reports inventory, and keeps up with trends in marketing while you focus on building your business.

Unlimited Channels

Simple Digital fully-manages inventory across all your online stores whether they be Amazon, Walmart, or Etsy.

Fully Customizable and Dedicated

Whether your store has ten products or thousands, our eCommerce Managment solution puts a dedicated team member on your store 24/7.


A few technologies and platforms we use and know to manage eCommerce websites

Details & Pricing

A fully-managed eCommerce Management solution by Simple Digital

Inventory Managment

We handle all the importing of new products, categories, brands, banners, pop-ups, and suppliers. No matter if you give us a few things to do or full-on managment duties, we can handle it.


Nightly inventory updates? Reporting every hour? Update products daily? Our eCommerce Management solution is fully customizable and flexible to fit your needs and schedule.

PCI & Security Maintenance

Staying PCI-compliant and maintaning your hosting security will not only greatly reduce fraud, but help keep your company out of trouble.

Advanced Reporting

We'll connect your eCommerce site to Google Analytics to report sales, bounce-rates, cart abandnments, and more; then provide you with a course of action.

SEO Upgrades

Anyone can upload a new product, but getting that product to rank well on search engines is a different task entirely and takes real, experienced people to do the job right.


We'll link your products to Google Shopping, Amazon, and others platforms you may be selling on to automatically sync inventory and reports.

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