A few technologies and platforms we use and know to manage eCommerce websites

What's eCommerce Management?

A Real Person

Our solution isn't to provide you a virtual assistant or task manager. We provide you with an in-house eCommerce Specialist with a decade of experience managing online stores.

Unlimited Hours

Your brick-and-mortar may close at 5, but your online store never does. Your eCommerce specialist works around-the-clock on a schedule that fits your budget.


Receive clear-cut reports from your eCommerce Specialist detailing and explaining the items and metrics most important to you.


Your eCommerce Specialist (and Simple Digital) will be under strict NDA rules with specific clauses ensuring that the information we may see and report is only delivered to you and not shared with anyone outside of our organization.

An Affordable Solution

Sourcing, hiring, and training an eCommerce Specialist can be costly for many eCommerce businesses; Simple Digital provides you with an eCommerce specialist at half the cost.


Don't need an eCommerce Specialist for your entire store? Maybe you need one for a few hours a week? Maybe just for reports? No problem. We can handle tasks at any scale at any time.

4 out of 5

eCommerce web design clients add eCommerce Management as a service


and 24/7 availability from our team. Exclusive to eCommerce Management clients


in additional sales generated for our eCommerce clients last quarter

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eCommerce clients are from direct referrals

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