August 13th, 2021

An Agency Update

As digital environments change, so do we. A note from our CEO, William Doepp.

Over the past year and a half, our agency has taken wild measures to assist our clients in all areas of business, including providing invoice deferment, financing options and partnership opportunities. Our agency did this with great success, quickly reaching out to those affected by lockdowns and other government mandates to swiftly adjust ad budgets, project timelines and other proposals affecting their bottom-line. During this time, Simple Digital grew from being a web design & digital marketing agency to a digital consulting partner – and that is where our agency is headed moving forward.

Beginning later this year, Simple Digital will transform into one of the first digital consultancy agencies in NYC, taking on a partner-like role with responsibilities related to every digital asset and strategy specific to clients' needs. In this evolution, we'll move from project-specific to company-focused, guiding businesses to a higher level of design, marketing and branding.

Why we are changing our approach

We want our clients laser-focused on the core concept of their business, not wasting time with researching, interviewing and managing multiple contractors for the same project. Using Simple Digital as a go-to partner for digital creations, questions and ideas streamlines a company's digital goals and increases the value of their digital strategy.

As a go-to partner, Simple Digital not only executes ideas (i.e. development, design, etc.), but helps companies navigate multiple partnership strategies and co-developed marketing plans – something many digital marketing partners purposely leave out.

Changing our approach allows us to go beyond the project and position our clients on a higher level.

What we have to back this concept

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Our consulting-first approach is very beneficial for most companies, particularly ones relying on various partnerships like entertainment groups, pop-up shops and event support companies.

Prior to Simple Digital, many of our clients would have separate contractors trying to formulate one message, a process that encourages the minimum amount of effort on each to complete their part. A Simple Digital partnership handling the vision healed that headache and streamlined the marketing efforts moving forward.

Beyond the basics

Uniting our new approach with the services we've been providing will allow our agency to take it a step further and help companies reach sustainability goals within their digital strategy. For the past year, our team has been developing proprietary methods to reduce the carbon footprint websites, apps and graphics leave behind. All of our projects since June 2021 have been sustainable-focused.

All in all, we are excited to be bringing our new consulting approach to companies in the coming months and provide a one-stop affordable solution to a streamlined digital strategy. Stay tuned for updates.

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